How to introduce a Mini Course for your prospects and make them buy your high ticket products?

Here is the concept of a WhatsApp Weekly Mini Course that can change your life.

There are so many people who want to learn new things that will help them be productive. But most of them are not ready to unlearn stuffs.
(You must understand the concept because most global leaders have already switched to this concept from high pressurised webinar concept. So, open your parachute and read the full article now)
Some are having ego or some are unknown of real techniques.
Being a cognitive science expert or influencer this is your responsibility to teach them right way.
And now comes the main problem. When they have to pay anything to the trainer or coach they are simply not ready to pay high ticket.
But yes, they are ready to pay low tickets. In this regard let me tell you that if you give your valuable services completely  FREE then also they will not take action.
Their habit says when you get something for FREE who will value that. Free suggestion ha.. ha..
You have to understand that there are people who want to spend high when you become able to establish your authority position in front of them.
Because you also know that it is hard to sell unknown people but it is easy to sell to known people right?
Now the next most important thing is will you be able to establish your authority over your audience or prospects in 1 hour in webinar?
If your answer is NO then there is a proven model that I am talking about. That is One Week’s Course Model.

Here you can create your Mini Course of max 7 hours. Daily 1 hour mandatory.

Now if I ask you, will you be able to establish your authority within these 7 days over your audience and customers.
You are now nodding your head. Just say yes or yes.
And if 7 week’s ticket price is 99 Rupees or 199 or max 499, will your prospects join you with proven facebook ad or youtube ad?
You might not know the answer but we are doing this for more than a year now.
And getting amazing insights.

Here is a proven model for Spoken English. Watch this and understand the concept now.

Must watch the full video below.
Now, if you would like to take action and start your own journey I can help you with all advertising system ready made for you within 4 days. You Just need to create your own course content ready with yourself.
Rest zoom live class is waiting for next year with your own students!
Got the point?

Let’s do it now. Call me at 7003373366 and talk about my digital marketing service charges for doing this for you on a monthly basis.

How to Do a Profitable Facebook Messenger Ad as a Digital Marketing Strategy

How to Do a profitable Facebook Messenger Ad as a Digital Marketing Strategy:

Hi there, this is Mithun Samanta and today I am going to reveal a secret strategy that is related to Facebook Messenger Ads Strategy.

So far you have come to know more than 13 types of Facebook Ad campaign goals. Here is a next level facebook ad strategy that will help your business scale further.

Facebook ad is by far one of the best strategy to improve your return on ad spend. This secret strategy is also a new type of ad.

How to start with a facebook messenger ad?

Step 1:

First of all, you have to build a prelaunch marketing plan. That is all about how you will provide your service to your clients. Next is how you will convert your existing clients into paid clients.

Once you get a perfect strategy, you can then start with ad objective messenger ad.

See if you are an online coach and want to deliver your course to your students, here is a proven strategy that is going to help your business with more or less 3000X ROI.

Step 2:

Set the quick reply as a “predefined welcome message” for all viewers who send you message for the first time.
e.g. – Hi {first name}, welcome to the “page name” and let me know how we can assist you.

Next, they ask about their queries.

messenger ad campaign

Step 3:

Here you have to have some pre-written copy that will describe your ad’s features and benefits that they will get from your service.

Here your target is to get them to sign up for your FREE course or low ticket products.

What I do here?

In this step, I am having a client’s project in which we sell FREE Spoken English course. We did a trial and error with a one-month free course first and then we did with 7 Days FREE Spoken English Workshop.

We got an extremely good result in both cases. and you know where the secret lies? The secret is in continuation, the secret is in the persistence of the same thing, the secret of ROI is in repeating the same actions over and over again.

When you have the “After Facebook Ad Sale closing Strategy” ready, it is like making fun of growing your business at a gargantuan level in no time.

What do you need to know about the most crucial thing here in this sales funnel? One thing is the course or service price. If it is a high ticket sales, then it is very good for you. If you are having low ticket products, then also it can become bread and butter for you.

So what are you waiting for?

If you really have understood all the tactics that you read so far start your Facebook Messenger ad campaign today.

I would highly recommend this campaign goal for those who need a conversation with your cold customers at an initial funnel of sale closure.

You can now make your hands muddy with this knowledge of the new ad campaign goal. If you need any kind of help regarding this process further you can directly send me a WhatsApp message at 8013125046 to have more clarity on the same.

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