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Digital Marketing

Hire our bestselling services and help yourself scale your business growth and revenue altogether. We are here to take care of your project with our sophisticated services.

Want to Drive More Traffic To Your Business?

We focus not only building traffic but also building quality traffic. The moment you will realise about your cold customers and warm customers, you will realise this.

With our social media marketing strategy you can build your most precious audience and create the authority position of your own brand.

Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Facebook Ads

Let’s create your online marketing strategy together with help of most powerful tools available in the planet now and that is none other than Facebook ads….

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How to promote your brand with right strategy is our concern. You just focus on your most important task and delegate the brand building strategy to us.

Social Media Management

Social Media are the blessings for small business owners to giant businesses.

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With the intervention of social media platform there is huge scope of improvement in your marketing journey. Internet is the blessing for this. And giant social media like Facebook, Youtube are the real gem to prove yourself.

Audience Analytics

To understand your audience and marketing them in proper way is mostly necessary. 

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To be able to market your audience in a better way first of all you need to understand it very carefully who your target audience is. That’s where comes the audience analysis.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one thing that you need to implement side by side your paid marketing strategis. Because in the long run you will get a bunch of customers on a daily basis with your organic marketing platform.

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We are here to apply all the white hat seo strategies that remain profitable for the long run. This is our strategy to apply the same in your organic marketing platform.

Copywriting & Strategy

Your website copy is working like an online salesman 24*7

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When it comes to the term copywriting you have to understand it very clearly that content is the king. Now a days video copy plays the most important role. 

Here we help you create the profitable strategy to create you copy for ads, website and other social media platforms.


e-Learning :- Workshops & Training - LIVE and Prerecorded course strategy

Proper training makes all the difference.

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We help to decide and implement some proper training strategies within your business model provided you really require it to be implemented in your business.

Website Development

World’s best looking website can be the deal but what if it fails to bring revenue. Because all the websites in this world are not profitable.

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Here, in https://mithunsamanta.com we focus on creating and developing profitable website.

Email Marketing

Your mobile number has been changed several times. But your email is the same till date.

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Email Marketing is yet another platform which is really really very important to build trust and authority with your cold audience.

This is the digital marketing tool with which you can grown your business 10 times very easily.


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