Here are some popular blogs that focus on Facebook ads and provide valuable insights and strategies:

1. Jon Loomer Blog (

– Jon Loomer is a recognized Facebook marketing expert and his blog covers a wide range of topics related to Facebook advertising, including ad targeting, campaign optimization, and ad creative.

2. AdEspresso Blog (

– AdEspresso is a popular Facebook ads management tool, and their blog offers a wealth of information on Facebook advertising best practices, tips, case studies, and industry updates.

3. Social Media Examiner (

– While not solely focused on Facebook ads, Social Media Examiner covers various aspects of social media marketing, including Facebook advertising. They provide in-depth articles, tutorials, and expert advice on running successful ad campaigns.

4. Facebook for Business (

– Facebook for Business is the official blog from Facebook itself. It provides valuable insights, updates, and best practices for advertising on the platform. It covers a wide range of topics, including ad targeting, creative tips, and platform updates.

5. Adweek (

– Adweek is a leading publication in the advertising industry. While they cover various advertising topics, their blog also provides valuable insights and analysis of Facebook ad campaigns, trends, and strategies.

6. Social Media Today (

– Social Media Today is a comprehensive resource for social media marketing, including Facebook advertising. Their blog features articles on Facebook ad targeting, campaign management, and ad optimization.

7. WordStream Blog (

– WordStream offers a suite of digital advertising tools, including Facebook ads management. Their blog covers a wide range of topics related to online advertising, including Facebook ads, with practical tips and strategies.
These blogs offer valuable information and resources to help you stay updated on the latest trends and strategies in Facebook advertising. Remember to explore each blog and find the ones that resonate with your specific needs and interests.